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Cultura Oslo is the demographic, economic and political centre of Norway. The history of the city can be traced back over 1, 000 years. Oslo was founded in 1048, by the king Harald Hardråde. The city became capital of Norway around 1300, but lost its privileges during the Danish-Norwegian union from 1348 to 1814. In 1624, a fire devastated old Oslo, and the city was moved some kilometres west to gain protection from the fortress at Akershus. The city was renamed Christiania, after the danish king Christian IV, a name that remained until it was officially renamed on January 1st 1925 to Oslo.
Geography Oslo, with its approximately 453 square kilometers, is one of the largest capitals in the world by area. Granted, most of this is forest, making Oslo a city in close contact with the nature surrounding it.
Oslo is situated in an amphitheater-like setting, with the city centre in the bottom close to the Oslo fjord, and residential areas stretching uphill from there in all directions. Behind the residential areas, the forested area of Marka (Nordmarka, Østmarka, Lillomarka) extends, with flora and fauna that is quite extraordinary for a city of this size. Moose are commonplace (easily spotted in winter), and the whole of the capital is part of Norway's wolf reserve (even if they rarely come here). Polarbears are NOT common in the city centre, even some might think so, due to old stories about Norway.
Climate Although well into the northern latitudes, Oslo's climate is fairly temperate thanks to warm air being wafted across the Atlantic from the Gulf Stream. Summer weather in Oslo is mild and pleasant, with frequent hot spells, and plenty of long sunny days. In winter temperatures hover just above or below freezing. Snow is most often plentiful in the forested areas and also often in the city in winter, making it a great winter sports venue. Rainfall is spread across the year, the rainiest month being August.
Economy The Oslo region is the country's premier business centre and has a diverse and dynamic economy with one of the highest regional GDPs in Europe. Figures published by the regional development agency for Oslo show that GDP per capita in the region was €44, 190 ($51, 950) (excluding oil and gas) in 2000, compared to an EU average of approximately €20, 000 ($23, 512). According to a report produced by the city's Chief Commissioner's Department and the Department of Finances and Development, the service sector dominates employment in Oslo. In 2001, Public and Business services accounted for more than 59 percent of jobs. Other major employment areas within the service sector include trade, hotels and catering, banking and insurance.

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, llamada Christiania o Cristianía en castellano de 1624 a 1878 y Kristiania de 1878 a 1924, es la capital y la ciudad más poblada de Noruega, además de ser su centro político, económico y cultural. Políticamente constituye un municipio y a la vez una de las diecinueve provincias del país. Según el censo de 1 de enero de 2009 su población era de 607. 292 habitantes, un 12% de la población total de Noruega. Es la tercera ciudad y área urbana escandinava más poblada, sólo superada por Copenhague y Estocolmo en ambos casos.

Su área metropolitana se extiende a los alrededores de la provincia de Akershus y tiene una población de 1, 5 millones de habitantes. La superficie total comprendida por Oslo es de 154 km², de los cuales 115 km² son urbanos y 7 km² son rurales. Los espacios abiertos dentro del área urbana suman un total de 22 km².

La ciudad de Oslo fue establecida como municipio el 3 de enero de 1838. Fue separada de la provincia de Akershus como una provincia independiente en 1842. El municipio rural de Aker fue absorbido por la expansión de Oslo en 1948 (y transferida de la provincia de Akershus al municipio de Oslo). La capital Noruega aún comparte varias funciones importantes con Akershus y es oficialmente la capital de esta última.
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