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Esplanade (from French: esplanade) is 8. 75 hectares of a vast park in Riga center, bounded by Elizabeth, Kalpaka, K. Valdemāra and Liberty streets. The park is a monument Oscar Kalpaks, Rainis, Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral, the Latvian National Art Museum and the Latvian Academy of Art.
During the Middle Ages the site was in Kube Hill, wh ...»
Skārņu iela 19, LV 1050 Rīga 
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is one of the oldest and most valuable monuments of medieval architecture of buildings in the Baltic countries. It is located in historic center of Riga, the 1997th On the fourth For the UNESCO World Heritage List.
For the first time a building mentioned in documents in the 1209th year. At first it was a small hall-type room with three equal heigh ...»
Skārņu 19, Rīga, LV-1050 
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Riga St. Peter's Church (German: Petrikirche) is the highest church in Riga, as well as the remarkable Gothic 13th century architectural monument of national importance. St. Peter's Church is located in Old Town, Skarnu 19th Built in the 1209th year, but from the 13th century, preserved in the present area of ​​the building side walls and a few pil ...»
Ziedondarza is 6. 37 hectares of mixed landscape of large and regular-style park with lawns, alleys, shorn hedges, fountains and children's playgrounds and street basketball courses in Riga, which includes A. Chaka, Mathies, asparagus and Artillery street.
Garden consists of a central axis cilindrveidīgi shear Dutch linden alley, which concluded pe ...»
The Freedom Monument is located in the Latvian capital of Riga, the Freedom Boulevard, near the Old City. It was erected in memory of fallen freedom struggle, but today it is considered a Latvian statehood, Latvian national unity, independence and freedom symbol. The monument, which was found in the 1935th year is 42 meters high and made ​​of gray ...»
Invalīdu iela 6-1, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia 
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Riga Bicycle Tours was established by a group of bike loving Riga City Dweller for Other Bike lovers around the world.

We have rode Throughout the city looking for the best Routes, sites and bike friendly spots to show you. We use well Equipped bikes on our rides, Even within the city the terrain CAN vary greatly and Its good to have some wheels ...»
Maskavas iela 326, Rīga 

the Riga city Latgale region. Kengaraga region is located in Riga SE part of the Ogre the direction of the railway and the River Daugava. It is bordered by the Moscow suburb, marshalling yards, and Rumbula neighborhoods, but along the southern bridge with Katlakalna neighborhood. Opposite Kengaraga surrounding the central and south-west part of the ...»
Meža prospekts 1, Rīga 
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Modern zoo operations missions down the World Zoo and Aquarium strategy for nature conservation. Since 1992, the Riga Zoo is the Zoo and Aquarium Association - EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria). Membership in this organization states to maintain high standards in animal welfare, and other zoo activities. formulated in accordance with ...»
Grizinkalns the Riga city Latgale region. Grizinkalns region is located close to Riga's city center, right bank of the Daugava River Railway Circle, Part A (administrative neighborhood N Part by Chuck Alexander Street in Riga City Centre District, Part D - Riga City Latgale). It is bordered by Brasa, Legends, Purvciems, the Source and Centre Street ...»
Buļļu iela 18, Rīga 

Nordeķu park. One of Riga's oldest parks, which already has its origins back to the 18th Century 90-the years. Manor owned by Riga Mayor Vite Von Nordeka. Once the manor was in possession of 185 hectares of land used primarily grain. 19th century, most of this land is divided into building plots, leaving only a vacant estate center site ensemble wi ...»
Meža prospekts, Rīga 
Riga is the region in the Northern Region, which includes part of Riga city sun garden. Mežaparks region is located slightly to the north-east of the center of Riga Kisezers coast. On land it borders Ciekurkalna, Brasa, Sarkandaugava and Milgravis neighborhoods, but by water it is the border with Jaunciema Kisezers neighborhood on the opposite bank ...»
Kandavas 2, Rīga 
Botanical Garden was founded in 1922. Today, 15 hectares, you can view the collection by 5400 the plant diversity. The collections are unique, they are represented on all continents and geographic zone the flora. Here you will see the tropical and subtropical plants, which attracts visitors with its grand stature, crisp leaves, exotic flowers and f ...»
Amatu iela 5 
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Situated in the old town of Latvias` capital, the Great and Small Guilds are one of the main sightseeing points in Riga. It is impossible to miss these two glorious buildings while you are walking across the Livu square. These art monuments of Eclectic English Gothic style architecture today not exactly answer the initial purpose, but economical so ...»
Pacific Gardens is a park in Riga, Moscow suburb, which is limited by the Catholic, Lazdona, Daugavpils and Jekabpils street. Jekabpils Street separates it from the Peace Garden. The park covers an area of ​​4. 73 hectares.
The current name got 1990th year, previously known as the Kiev park. The park installed in All Saints churchyard at the 1960th ...»
Viesturs garden or Song Festival Park is the oldest park in Riga, which occupies 7. 60 ha of land between the streets of export, the Hanseatic streets and industrial streets. Designed by French architect A. Leblon developed schemes on key elements of the Dutch linden alleys, false passages, bosketas, canals and ponds, with eighteenth century, the mo ...»
Anniņmuižas bulvāris 61, Rīga 
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Anninmuizas Park is located in Imanta, owned by former Anninmuizas (Annenhof) and was established in 19. century. At the end of the regular planning park. Today, the park area is surrounded by a semicircle Anninmuizas Boulevard, as well as Jurmala alley, Vecumnieki and Swamp Forest Street. Former Anninmuizas buildings managed by Latvian University ...»
Kronvalda park is located between the Kr. Valdemāra streets, boulevards and Kronvalda Kalpaka Boulevard, the park runs through the city of Riga canal. It started to build the ramparts of Riga. The park is now the second richest in Riga public park, which has about 104 non-native tree and shrub species and forms.
Victory Park is a park in Riga, which is limited by Ojārs Vācietis, Herman Street, Alexandra Greene Avenue, Victory Boulevard and Ranka dam. It crosses the Slokas and Barinu street. Ojārs Vācietis Street separates it from the Arcadia Park. Victory Park is 36. 7 hectares wide.
t/c Galleria Riga Dziranvu iela 67, Rīga 
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Science center ”ZINOO Rīga” has been created with the aim to cause adults and children a curiosity about the world, technology and itself in the technology world. There is opportunity to try a crooked room where shortest will become the tallest.
Z.A. Meierovica bulvāris 12 Rīga latvija 

Bastion created in the last century, when the demolition of the city's fortress rampart, a bastion established instead of Bastion. Originally from the views of the surrounding city sights. Greenery arranged 19th 80. g. garden art master Mr Kufalta chair.

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