Car and limousine rentals Riga, Latvia

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Opel Astra
€ 11
Ford Focus
€ 14
Largest car rental catalog in Latvia, providing a simple and easy way to find, compare and rent cars from independent local car rental companies cheaper.
Artilērijas iela 40, Rīga, LV-1009 
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Car rental company Optimeyz offer only new VWolkswagen and Mercedes-Benz passanger minibuses and cars.
Rīga, Sporta iela 15, LV1013 
+371 26344344
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J.Endzelīna 5, Rīga, LV 1029 
+371 26109122
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Šauļu iela 1-42 
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We offer luxury car service with professional drivers (in Latvia, Baltic States, Europe, Russia etc. ).

Following types of transport are at your disposal:
Mercedes Benz E-class
Mercedes Benz S-class
Mercedes Benz Viano
Other cars

As well as:
Air transport
Water transport
Ríga lielirbes iela 17a 
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Price is important!
Why choose us?

+ Lowest Prices Latvian
+ There is no "premium" location fee
+ New cars (not older than 24 months)
+ Airport hotels or delivery
+ Minimum age: 18 years (limited class *)
+ Free additional driver

'' Ride''
Dzenu Street 7, Riga 
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Discover car hire is secure, cheap and reliable low cost car rental. Search your favourite car in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Cyprus, Greece and many more worldwide destinations!
Латвия Рига Кр.Валдемара 157 
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Аренда представительских автомобилей для VIP персон с водителем
Трансферты Рига-Аэрапорт-Рига. Представительские поездки, призентации
Предварительное бронирование.
Ropažu iela 70 
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ģimenēm draudzīgāka autonoma Latvijā!Vieglo auto, minivenu noma par viszemākajām cenām. Bērnu sēdeklīši - bezmaksas.
Krasta 40, Riga 
+371 29 150 830
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Convenient rent a car in Riga Latvia.
Ojāra Vācieša iela 61, Rīga 
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Short-term and long-term car rental.
Brīvības gatve 193 A, Rīga 
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Pasažieru un kravas busu noma.
Vecpilsetas 8, Riga 
+371-67 22070063
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The new way to rent a car
Vecpilsetas 8, Riga 
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The new way to rent a car
Wherever clients want. 
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Best party in streets.
Stīpnieku 1 
+371 267 18870
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Car rent
Brīvības gatve 224 k.3, Rīga, LV-1039 
+371 67516555
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Brīvības 193a, Rīga 
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Airport Riga 
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Baltā 3/9, Rīga, LV-1055 
+ 371 67472333
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