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St. Pauls Pool
Signs, Highest Point
Paratai Heights, My New house
Where the mutiniers have landed
Leaving Pitcairn at sunset
Approaching Pitcairn's Island
NE Approach, Pitcairn
Pitcairn Island - Northwest side
Sighting Pitcairn Isl early in morning
The landslide on to the beach
Bounty Bay
Ships Landing Point
John Adams Grave
Down Rope
Last Woodern Longboat made on Pitcairn
Christian's Cave
Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island - pas
Arriving at Pitcairn Island
The peak of Pitcairn's Island
Pitcairn Island
Houses on Pitcairn Island
Bulldozer dropped from Airforce Plane
The Highest Point
Rose apple forest
The last traditional house left on the island.
How did she get down there so fast, then where??
The cloud forest is in the cloud today
The cliffs of Down Rope
I would say that between the road and the goats this is a high risk valley that needs to be stabilized before any new road work is done for the Western Harbor
That red rock is some kind of highly oxidized iron pumice that is sweet to climb down. The vegetation is weedy lantana, grab a leg and bermuda grass.
I would not goat there.
Soil from erosion from the giant slide east of Red Ridge
View of the beach at Tedside
There are some awesome rata trees down here covered in Pyrrosia fern.
Rose apple forest looking up to the radio station
Looking far east
We are climbing up and out on the east side of the valley, looking down at Middle Place
You can clearly see the terracing from the long term effects of grazing here, it is typical of the southern side of the island
Eroded road and hill going down to St. Pauls
Looking down west to Adamstown
Big old mango

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Pitcairn, Islas, Adamstown