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Vestre Strandgate 31B, Kristiansand
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Christoffer Ringelien (01.10.2017 07:50)
Bra båt, krenker endel da selv ved lite sjø men så er d en ok båt. Går kjapt over vannet. Du får d du betaler for.
MrNitonita (23.08.2017 09:18)
The Ryanair of ferries. Parking on the ferry so tight I had to climb out the passenger side. Unfriendly and rude staff and a dirty boat.
Ден Иванов (22.08.2017 10:10)
They delayed the ship firstly, and then said we should come at 21.30. We waited for approx 3+ hours, then at 21.00 we come, saw the ferry, but the entrance door was already closed. Noone can board. Bad company.
Ehsan Peymani (11.07.2017 11:16)
Nominally it is fastest between Kristianand and Hirtshal, but so far I have been on the ferry 3 times and it had 2, 2,5 and 6 hours delays for bad weather and technical issues. They compensate for long delays as 80Euros per person per night but i have not applied to see how they react for one night stay at a hotel due to a long delay.
Michael Wehus (18.08.2016 04:56)
The Voyage can be quite bad in ruff weather

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