Kurfürstenstraße 101, Berlin
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Henry Shao (25.12.2016 05:18)
I read that this place has been completely renovated, and it is true, and the whole place is very well done, with clean, new and modern facilities. The are two different steam room areas, and the new one is more like a nice spa kind of environment. The reception staff was friendly and spoke English to me fine. The time I went there was unfortunately not many people there.
Jorge Nazare (01.10.2016 17:35)
Terrible staff. They say that we are in Germany so everybody must speak German. I wonder when they travel to Portugal they speak Portuguese... they just refuse to speak english so I strongly recommend that if you are a turist or a business traveler, don't go there!!!
Raphaël Guellier (19.08.2016 05:12)
Dirty and nothing workes. Hamam and sauna not useful . Bad host and expensive.

Don't go there !!!
Victor Larsen (23.06.2016 20:52)
Not as good as boiler according to this Thursday night.

- Only 5 euros for under 25 yo
- Clean
- Staff that is friendly enough

- No WiFi! (Yes, it is useful between shags it's nice to take a mobile break or if you don't want to roam on your network overseas).

- Nice labyrinth part with different objects to shag on.

- Douche facility (one had to love the Germans who think about everything :) )

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