195 Piccadilly, London
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+44 20 7734 0022

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Igor Gama (10.09.2017 22:35)
I went to BAFTA for an ACM Siggragh 2017 Event and I love the space. Very well organized and on time. The theater room is also very confortable. I really recommend this beautiful house :)
Adrian Hon (25.06.2017 16:51)
Private club for members of film, TV, and gaming industries. Good bar, great theatre, decent food.
Chris Kistan (08.02.2017 16:49)
Beautiful building. Elegant Decor. Excellent Location with superb transport links. Facilities are tip-top!
David Farkas (13.01.2017 16:32)
Fantastic place, very posh, full of gold and marble. Coming here is an experience you will remember for a long time.
Tom Feist-Wilson (12.09.2016 14:17)
I helped host an event here and I have to say it's a fantastic venue. The location is great, the decor and layout are fantastic for large events.

A huge part of how amazing this venue is has to do with the staff. Every single member of staff I met (around 15 over the course of the 2 event we had there) was extremely professional as well as friendly. A special mention must go to the tech crew who were really on top things and really knew their stuff. This isn't always the case at a lot of other venue of this type.

If you're hosting an event here I would be extremely surprised to if you had any problems.

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