Currency United Kingdom: Pound Sterling

STERLING was at its heyday before 1914. It was. something more than the British currency; it was universally accepted as the most satisfactory medium for international transactions and might be regarded as a world currency, even indeed as the world currency: Its special position waS,no doubt connected with the widespread ramifications of Britain's foreign trade and investment. It was also due to absolute confidence in its stability, which had been maintained with complete success and without a break since 1,821,, sand, subject to minor disturbances, ever since England wisely decided to allow the free export of gold in 1063.

Currency ISO code: GBP

Picture Name (english) Monetary unit
50 pounds (other side) 5050 pounds (other side)50 Pound Sterling
50 pounds 5050 pounds50 Pound Sterling
20 pounds (other side) 2020 pounds (other side)20 Pound Sterling
20 pounds 2020 pounds20 Pound Sterling
5 pounds (other side) 55 pounds (other side)5 Pound Sterling
5 pounds 55 pounds5 Pound Sterling
1 pound (other side) 11 pound (other side)1 Pound Sterling
1 pound 11 pound1 Pound Sterling
50 pence (other side) 0.550 pence (other side)0.5
50 pence 0.550 pence0.5
20 pence (other side) 0.220 pence (other side)0.2
20 pence 0.220 pence0.2
5 pence (other side) 0.055 pence (other side)0.05
5 pence 0.055 pence0.05
2 pence (other side) 0.022 pence (other side)0.02
2 pence 0.022 pence0.02