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Frédéric Mota (08.11.2017 15:09)
Charge different prices that those set. Low security, driver doesn't fasten his seatbelt.
Mehari Tesfaldet (14.08.2017 15:44)
Atlas cars the best cab service in London even by far margin better than uber for riders and drivers. It's honest cab firm treats every one the same. Especially as a driver it's peace of mind u get treated fairly, management very good friendly ,it feels like u work in ur family firm etc. all in all they deserve more than 5 star.
María José Reche Urbano (14.07.2017 18:05)
Atlas car is one of the best cab company. I forgot my son's IPod in one of it cab when we're coming back to Spain and they organised everything about the return of the IPod to us. Thanks you in deep !!!!! I'm going to use your services every time I go to London. Sure!!!!
mary mcvey (01.07.2017 00:55)
Worst cab experience ever, took it for 1 month every morning before realising the cab drivers overcharged me almost everyday from 2 to 5£ more than the normal price, " because I was late" (taking an average of 5 min to come down from my apartment _ never more than 10). I did not deal with it before because they would tell me just before I leave the cab going to work. I finally ended up calling the company who apologised but told me they are not responsible of their drivers, and that an overcharge is due only after 10 min waiting, but they could not do anything, and eventually told me the management were going to call me back which never happened. Also once a cab was late _ 20 min someone called me to ask me if I was ok to wait ( to this point I had no more choice but waiting) and then after they cancelled the cab_ no one never came . I called to complain and all they propose to me is to send me an "executive car" (10 yrs old mercedes) on my next journey with the same price !!
So overall unreliable service,
Cab drivers overcharge
Bad customer care ( never got to have any call back from the management in spite of them saying it at 4 occasions and no commercial gestures)
Elliot Keane (21.06.2017 12:19)
Clean decent cars with friendly drivers. Good price as well.

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