Netherlands Antilles

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Cities Netherlands Antilles  
Country information country code: AN
continent: South America
capital: Willemstad
languages: Dutch

EU membership: no
NATO membership: no

GSM: 900/1800/1900
GPS: 12 15 N, 68 45 W
electricity: 127/220V/50Hz

Netherlands Antillian Guilder: ANG
1ANG = 0.559 USD
1ANG = 0.441 EUR

phone code: +599-9

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

Wednesday 21, October

From wikipedia about Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles (Dutch: Papiamentu: Antia Hulandes Papiamentu/Ingles Dikshonario, Ratzlaff, Betty; pg. 11), also referred to informally as the Dutch Antilles, was an autonomous Caribbean country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of two groups of islands in the Lesser Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (ABC Islands), in Leeward Antilles just off the Venezuelan coast; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten (SSS Islands), in the Leeward Islands southeast of the Virgin Islands.

Aruba seceded in 1986 as a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the rest of the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved on 10 October 2010, resulting in two new constituent countries, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, with the other islands joining the Netherlands as "special municipalities", officially public bodies.

The name 'Netherlands Antilles' is still sometimes used to indicate the Caribbean islands which are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
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