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City Ogre is a city in Latvian, Ogre center. The city sits on the right bank of the Daugava 36 km from Riga to the Ogre River. Ogre 65% of the population are Latvians, 25% are Russians, Belarusians 4. 2%, 1. 9% Ukrainians and 1. 8% - Poles.

Ogre, Latvia

Thursday 28, September

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Ogres (feminine singular: ogress, plural: ogresses) are imaginary beings which are usually depicted as large, hideous, humanoid monsters. They are frequently featured in mythology, folklore, and fiction. Ogres appear in many classic works of literature, and are most often described in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on human beings. In visual art, ogres are often depicted as having a large head, abundant hair and beard, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. The term 'ogre' is often applied in a metaphorical sense to disgusting persons who exploit, brutalize, harass or bully others. In both this sense and a literary context, the troll is often seen as a comparable figure.
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