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Cities Guyana  
Country information country code: GY
continent: South America
capital: Georgetown
languages: English

EU membership: no
NATO membership: no

GSM: 900
GPS: 5 00 N, 59 00 W
electricity: 240V/60Hz

Guyanese Dollar: GYD
1GYD = 0.006 USD
1GYD = 0.004 EUR

phone code: +592

Georgetown, Guyana

Monday 10, August

From wikipedia about Guyana

Guyana, Also pronounced,, and. on 23 February 1970.

Historically, the region known as "Guiana" or "Guayana" comprised the large shield landmass north of the Amazon River and east of the Orinoco River known as the "Land of many waters". Historic Guyana is made up of three Dutch colonies: Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice. Modern Guyana is bordered to the east by Suriname, to the south and southwest by Brazil, to the west by Venezuela, and on the north by the Atlantic Ocean.

At 215, 000 km2, Guyana is the third-smallest independent state on the mainland of South America (after Uruguay and Suriname). Its population is approximately 770, 000.
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Guyana, Georgetown