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A place for living. O'russey, Phnom Penh
Diamond Bridge (Koh Pich), where the stampede occurred on 22/11/2010, killing 456 people; shocking for Cambodian people!
Pagoda (Wat) @ "Km 6" in Phnom Penh
Wat Phnom
Tonle Sap River near Phnom Penh
Chbbar Ampov, Phnom Penh - 1994
independence monument - phnom penh
Phnom Penh - 1993
Koh Dach, Silk Island - 1993
Bình minh muộn
Contemporary Architecture, Phnom Penh
Morning activities
Theather opening in Phnom Penh
Too Close For Comfort: Coup d'etat - Phnom Penh, July 1997
Crazy cows
Phnom penh
Phnom Penh
Palace from Phnom Penh
Tonle Sap River - The Japanese Bridge
Phnom Penh - Choeung Ek
Townscape of Phnom Penh(金邊街景)-2
Phnom Penh International Airport
after take off
Street Life
Mass grave Killing Fields
Phnom Penh
Mekong River - Fishermen village
Mekong River - Cruising the large river
genoside museum
Just before landing at Phnom Penh
Boeung Kak Lake
cambodja july 2004 p 034
cambodia-Mekong River
Pre April 1975 US Embassy
Takmau Square
Phnom Pehn
Low Carbon Footprint Transport
Chargement optimisé
Bình minh trên sông - NNK
Камбоджа, Июнь 2010 / Cambodia, June 2010
Phnom Penh
Chatomuk, Aerial View
Dans les airs
Phnom Penh - Av Confédération de Russie - Pharmacie

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