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Лето 2010. Национальная библиотека_05
Церковь Марии Магдалины, сквозь заснеженные деревья
Лошица, руины водяной мельницы / Water-mill ruins
Белита-Витэкс. Ул. Коласа
The road junction at Suražskaja street in Minsk
Enjoying sunset at work :-p
Miensk, old town
Kurapaty near Minsk is the place where mass executions of Belarusian civilians were carried out during the Stalin regime (1937 - 1941)
Protection of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Miensk
Entrance at the Dinamo stadium
The railway water tower in Minsk
Business center XX century in Miensk
Houses over Śvislač river in Miensk
Crossroad of Zacharava street & Braniavy lane in Minsk
The stormy stream at Drozdy park
Horses near exhibition centre "BelExpo"
универмаг "Беларусь"
View from former Sierabranka village to Sierabranka district in Miensk
Minsk - Airport
View for Medical University dormitories from former Rylaŭščyna village in Minsk
The children's railway
Minsk - Traktorenwerk Belarus / Ме́нскі тра́ктарны заво́д
Heavy Traffic
St. Reverend Sophia Sluckaja church in Kurasoŭščyna district in Miensk
Park &church in Čyžoŭka district in Miensk. Парк і царква ў Чыжоўцы.
The house at Čyrvonaarmiejskaja (Red Army) street in Miensk
Čyžoŭskaje reservoir in Miensk. View to Sierabranka district
Дом по улице Грибоедова
Former Rylaŭščyna village in Miensk
The tumbledown building at Minina st. in Minsk
Old building from 1900 year in Hrušaŭka district in Miensk
Former Cna village, Kryvickaja street in Miensk
Bowling Disco Club 'Sfera' at Siamaški street in Minsk
Минск. Лето 2006 года.
Adojeŭskaha street in Miensk
Former distillery (1896) in Lošyca, Minsk
Flower beds
Cnianskaje reservoir in Miensk. Threatening sky over Cna
park bridge
Śvislač river near Čyžoŭka district in Miensk
Beauty of the City
Bikeway at Karastajanavaj street in Miensk
открытие велосезона
Planeta Hotel. Minsk
Svisloch river 3
Miensk belt road near Šabany
Dražnia district in the winter. Narrow path.

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