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Ana Carolina Soler (18.10.2017 10:54)
Best chases for the Northern Lights. Amazing staff, great guides and real chasers. I've seen it every night, despite of weather conditions. They were great!!!
A Google User (17.10.2017 17:13)
We had an absolutely fantastic experience with this company. Our guide Sam was extremely funny, chatty and friendly. We managed to see the elusive Northern Lights three times on a single night!! The final time it was an elaborate singing-dancing show that lasted ages! Numerous photos were taken of us all upon request by Sam and the lovely younger lady guide and uploaded on a file-sharing site and sent to us for free! A memorable, spectacular experience, we really cannot recommend this company highly enough!! Thanks so much for making our trip to Tromso so memorable Chasing Lights!!
Liliana Cortes (24.09.2017 18:03)
Greay experience! Very professional and reliable guides.
Haly Leshchuk (02.05.2017 12:29)
I'd really advise Chasing Lights. We chose them among other services because they proved to be really insistent in finding lights: that they would ride in any weather to any place as far as they can. The guides were also very nice, helpful, fun, and what I liked the most - very knowledgeable (however I was told since they aren't all locals, they have no idea of the right spots. In fact, they proved to know them better). Took tons of pictures for all of us :) We did find amazing lights and had a great show!
Calvin Cheong (20.02.2017 19:04)
Does what it say, they will chase it and more! Our two guides were never boring and very informative. Has wifi on bus, not sure that applies to all buses. Enjoyed the bonfire they made and they are pros at taking pictures very quickly in bad conditions. Go with them if you do not want to hunt for lights yourself.

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