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Talleres 31, Supermanzana 103, Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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+52 998 289 1818

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Michelle P. (13.11.2017 11:26)
First of all. Let me start by saying that we typically order from another Pizza place near by in Fords. However, sometimes my wife wants something off of the Mexican menu and we order from Marcellos. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM THIS PLACE. About 2 weeks ago we ordered (delivery)our meal abt$35-$40 typical bill. I ordered penne with meat sauce ($9.00) When the food came and I opened the container, it was spaghetti with meat sauce. We called the restaurant and they asked if I wanted a credit on my next order. It was late and and decided to take the credit. Tonight we decided to order again and told my wife to use the credit. After she got off the call she said they gave her appitizer for free ($6). I asked if that was in addition to the credit? She said that was the credit. Well atvthat point I was just frustrated ans decided that I was done with Marcellos. BUT thats not the end. I got my order, which should have included a 2 liter diet coke, istead had a 20oz coke. Then noticed the side Ceasar salad that I ordered was a side garden salad with Caesar dressing. At this point I called back. The guy who answered the phone when I explained the situation he tried to tell me she ordered caesar dressing, but I heard her correct him on the phone and said no a side caesar salad. The he came up with some bs about not being able to do a side caesar salad as part of a dinner. When I brought up their poor business practice and my displeasure about being cheated on my $9 credit, he said to me well you know spaghetti and penne are basically the same thing so you should be happy you got anything. That was it for me. There have been many other places before Marcellos and with attitute like that. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE TO MOVE IN. My $$$$$ will go elsewhere. You have the right as a consumer to get what you pay for and what you ask for. Its not my fault they screwed it up in the first place.
PS: I challenged the charge on my credit card
Jamie H. (13.11.2017 11:26)
Marcelo's offers pretty fast, reliable delivery for reasonable price, however the food can be inconsistent. most of the sandwiches and wraps are pretty good and are served with a large portion of fries - but sometimes the bread that it comes with is not as advertised or they forget the condiments. calzones are gigantic and not skimpy with the stuffed components and the pizza is decent. the quesadillas are pretty good for a pizza place, but they did forget the sour cream and I would have liked more toppings on the inside rather than on top.
Feroza E. (13.11.2017 11:25)
Great Customer Service! The first day we ordered delivery to our hotel - my beef gyro was DELISH and the steak & cheese was also good. Delivery was on time food was well prepared.
Second time we tried this with a Dine In Groupon. The owner is so sweet, the staff is so nice. Our food was delicious, we had steak tacos and chicken quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, beef burrito! Everything was great. The waiter was attentive and friendly. So glad I found a Groupon for this place and we walked in!
Megan E. (13.11.2017 11:25)
Favorite pizzeria, lots of pizzerias come & go in fords & every time I go I pray they never close.

Pizza is always delicious, & so is the sausage pepper & onion parm. Yum.

Super friendly people, quick at deliveries, quick in restaurant, & priced very very well.
ChrisDCarlson (13.11.2017 11:24)
There is a lot more to this place than Mexican Pizza. You can get a slice of the Italian Pizza plan or dressed up, too. The place is clean and fresh. They have the Coke franchise. You can stop in for a slice or a full meal. Salads are fresh. They have wraps, too. They have not settled into their identity yet, leaning between Mexican and Italian, a rather strange mix. The look to please and they will.
La verga Mike (07.02.2017 19:28)
No contestan los mierdas
Mary angel (30.01.2017 00:49)
Quiero pedir pizza y no sé el número ayuda

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