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Ancestral Lion Statue China
P3030009 c
Olimpiadi Pechino 2008 - .... un momento di vera " Magia " - a moment of real magic
Bei-Hai ferry
Buildings in Beijing
Hanging Lotus Gate in No.1 House (Now the house was halfly destroyed because of the construction of the National Centre for the Performing Arts) [南文昌胡同1号院垂花门], South Wenchang Hutong (Qing Dynasty)
The Former Residence of LI YUANHONG, President of the Republic of China [民国总统黎元洪宅], Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (Republic of China, 1922) [Half demolished for the construction of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Fu Jing Guesthouse (She Ke Bo Yuan Hotel) 中国社会科学院王府井访问学者公寓 (社科博源宾馆) in 2007.]
Kunming Lake, Yu Feng Pagoda view
พิพิธภัณฑ์แห่งชาติจีน 中国国家博物馆 China's National Museum
The Olympics conclude the night
恭王府36 - Prince Gong's Mansion 36
chairman mao / tien-an-men square
Beijing- book shop in hu tong
Ruins of the Historical Huashi Area in Chongwen District, Beijing [北京崇文区花市历史街区废墟] (The whole area was demolished for the construction of the Glory City Residential Area 国瑞城小区 in 2003.)
Lanterns in Forbiden Palace China
Pequim ( Beijing ) vista do alto do Beijing Grace Hotel. Perceba a névoa contínua sobre a cidade, mistura do loess e da fumaça das termoelétricas.
Forbidden City Beijing (
The Hall of Manjusri of Zhengjue Temple in the Old Summer Palace [圆明园正觉寺文殊殿] (Qing~PR China, 1773~2003)
Brick-Carved Gate in Qian Xi Wa Chang Hutong (Ming Dyansty?)
瑞蚨祥布店---ruifuxiang cloth store
Main Hall in the No. 22 House of Beijige 3rd Alley [北极阁三条22号大殿], Dongcheng District, Beijing (Qing Dyansty ~ Republic of China, 1837~1949)
Beijing - Temple of Heaven
East South Corner Archery Tower
sun dial in forbidden palace
Peking, Platz des Himmlischen Friedens
Monument to the People's Heroes, Tiananmen Square. Beijing, China.
Summer Palace
鳥巢與玲瓏塔 Bird's Nest & The Exquisite Tower
soho, sort of panorama - beijing
The Memorial Temple & Tomb of XIAOZU [笑祖塔院], Haidian District, Beijing (Qing Dynasty, 1666)
The Hanging Lotus Gate in the No. 5 House in Xisi North 8 Lane [西四北八条5号院垂花门], Xicheng District, Beijing (Qing Dynasty, 1636~1911)
Glazed Gates in front of Nansansuo [故宫南三所前琉璃门], the Forbidden City, Beijing (Qing Dynasty)
Ilkka Luoma - Valtarakenteet ovat ylhäällä monimutkaisia kuin kiinalaisen sähkölaitoksen kytkennät
Konfucius Temple at Beijing
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China大礼堂

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