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National Grand Theatre, 国家大剧院
故宮 / China Beijing
Beijing - Forbidden City - Details
Patrolling in the Forbidden City
Inside the Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven 3
陶然亭公园 - 亭 - 桥
皇日落 - Imperial Sunset, Beijing
Lucky Shot of Mao Zedong (毛泽东; 毛澤東) Driving a Bus past the Forbidden City Entrance/Tianmen -- Nightime, from the Back Sseat of a Moving Taxicab
Inside the Forbidden City
Coal Hill from the North Gate of the Forbidden City
我的天安门---五星红旗永远飘扬 My tiananmen - the five-star red flag flying forever
国旗永远飘扬---The largest city central square in the world, the solemn and respectful Tiananmen Square is not only the symbol of Beijing but also the symbol of China.
Lion at entrance, left, Forbidden City, Verbotene Stadt, Peking, Beijing
Beijing Red Wall
Pechino - la Città Proibita - mura
Imperial royalty in the Forbidden City under her umbrella. And a second toted ‘round by her favorite fella. She’s been eating well, you can tell, by the shape of her kimono. Is she an old cougar on the prowl, or would that be a no-no?
Forbidden City - Palacio del Emperador
Forbidden City Entrance
Chinese style
Xicheng, Beijing, China
Beijing - Ancient Imperial City, front of Duanmen Gate, NNW view
水立方和鸟巢,Water Cube ,Bird's Nest,Beijing Olympic Park
National Aquatics Center 国家游泳中心
the colorful Water Cube in the night-seen from the bird nest
鸟巢与玲珑塔, Bird's Nest and TV Tower
国家体育馆 内部全景
inside bird's nest
Olimpic stadium in construction
雄雄燃烧的奥林匹克圣火, Olympic Flame
奥林匹克公园, Olympic Park
Bird's nest ---Estadio Nacional de Pekín
Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Under Construction
Bird's nest ستاد بكين الوطني
The Bird's Nest
bird's nest

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