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Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain, is one of China’s most scenic mountains and attracts countless visitors to behold its splendid natural beauty. The nearby well preserved ancient Villages offer aesthetic vistas of their own.

9 Days – Old Villages by the Yellow Mountain (AYM) Beijing, Huangshan, Xidi, Yellow Mountain, Wuyuan, and Shanghai

Tunxi Old Town • Stay in Traditional Old Houses of Xidi & Hongcun • Hiking & Sightseeing on the Yellow Mountain • Archways and Family Temples • Village Farms & Markets • Country Trails and Fields in Wuyuan

Day 1 Beijing
Upon arrival at Beijing Capital Airport, you are met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. Meet your fellow travelers at the Evening Reception & Dinner.
Soluxe Courtyard Hotel Beijing (Reception and D)

Day 2 Beijing – Huangshan (Tunxi)
After breakfast in hotel, enjoy a day of sightseeing in Beijing. Take a stroll around massive Tiananmen Square, next move on to see the 2008 Olympic Venues: the Bird’s Nest stadium and the Water Cube swimming pool. Finally, take an excursion to the dramatic Great Wall of China at Mutianyu. See Hongcun Village in Yixian County near the Yellow Mountain, Anhui Province and visit the village of Yingbeigou. Transfer to the airport in late afternoon and fly to Huangshan. Met and transfer to your hotel in Tunxi.
Huangshan International Hotel (B-L)

Day 3 Huangshan (Tunxi)
Begin the day exploring the old town center (called “Laojie”) of Tunxi, Anhui province. With a history of over six hundred years, the streets in Tunxi are lined with nicely restored traditional style Ming & Qing residences and businesses. There are many interesting shops to pique your interest. Next we drive to Shexian, once the regional capital city and an important trading center on the Xin’an River. This region prospered in the seventeenth century after local salt merchants began raising elaborate family houses and intricately carved stone archways, many of which still survive today, a visible testament to their wealth. Visit the town of Yuliang, a charming riverside community with a thousand year-old dam; Tangyue Village, to see the seven traditional style arches built during the Ming and Qing dynasties to honor outstanding females according to feudalistic values; Tangmo, a classic village established in Tang dynasty and full of gems of architectural design and community planning of ancient times. Enjoy a Local Cuisine Dinner.
Huangshan International Hotel (B-L-D)

Day 4 Tunxi – Yellow Mountain
Today, we will travel to the famous Yellow Mountain by vehicle. On the way, we will visit two more of the many quaint Villages. Qiankou Village – here we will explore Zixia Manor, a rebuilt village estate using relocated Ming-style houses from surrounding locations displaying traditional Huizhou architecture. Chengkan Village – a living museum of Huizhou Culture (3 million still speak the Huizhou dialect) with a number of residences of famous personalities, family temples, ancient bridges, farm houses, all of which bear wonderful details of artistic design. Arrive at the base of Yellow Mountain and start our ascent along the trails. There are several inviting temples and pavilions for us to explore along the way. You may also take a cable car to reach the scenic Yupinglou, a beautifully positioned pavilion on a rocky peak.
Jade Screen Hotel (B-L-D)

Day 5 Yellow Mountain
Most Chinese people consider “Huang Shan”, Yellow Mountain, a World Heritage Site since 1990, to be the most beautiful among China’s scenic mountains. The highest peak rises just 1870 meters (6, 135 feet) above sea level, but the trails and stairs give both a good workout and reward of superb vistas. Continue your ascent to the highest peaks, passing stunning scenery and enjoying magnificent views of the forest and rock formations. Ultimately arrive at the peak and check into your mountaintop hotel. The night is yours to take a much deserved rest or gaze at the stars over Anhui province.
North Sea Hotel (B-L-D)

Day 6 Yellow Mountain – Hongcun
Arise early before dawn to see the famous North Sea Sunrise, a dramatic view across a sea of cloud and fog weather permitting. After breakfast in the hotel, we hike to Yungu (Cloud Valley) and take a cable car ride back down the Mountain. Travel by private vehicle with guide to Xidi Village. The two Villages, Hongcun and Xidi, are listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. They possess perfectly maintained 17th and 18th century residential houses, private school buildings and family temples. There are fine examples of carved gilded wooden screens and panels and paintings on front walls showing lucky animals and mythological characters. The traditional way of life and old customs are well preserved in these venerable Villages. Walking among these old narrow streets and houses is like going back in a time machine. After Xidi village, we drive to Hongcun for a visit. Check into a small local hotel and enjoy a Local Cuisine Dinner.
Hongcun Hotel (B-L-D)

Day 7 Hongcun – Wuyuan
After a morning walk around Hongcun Village, we get on the road again and drive to Wuyuan County in the neighboring Jiangxi Province. Known as “the most beautiful countryside in China”, Wuyuan offers visitors idyllic rural landscapes and charming old Villages along winding rivers. Most of the residential houses, big or small, feature white washed walls, black roofs, elegant eaves, and dark green footstones. The memorial arch of Xidi Village, Huangshan Wuyuan belonged to the zones of the Huizhou Culture in the old days. As we drive towards the county town, you will visit Jiangwan township and have lunch. In the afternoon, visit Xiaoqi Village, Wangkou Village and Likeng Village. These Villages boast many traditional houses from the Ming and Qing dynasties, tranquil zigzaging alleyways, cobblestone-paved streets, and shady old trees. You will have the opportunity to visit farmers’ homes and meet with local children in their school. Check into your hotel and enjoy a delicious Local Cuisine Dinner.
WuyuanTianma Hotel

Day 8 Wuyuan – Shanghai
Continue your exploration in the countryside of Wuyuan after breakfast. You are heading north to visit Sixiyan Village for its beautiful styles of rural residences, wonderful artworks and sculptures. Next on to Qinghua Township to stroll on the famous 800-year-old “Rainbow Bridge”, an architectural wonder created by the local craftsmen in the Song Dynasty. Later, we drive to the Mandarin Duck Lake, actually a reservoir that hosts thousands of colorful migrating birds and mandarin ducks each year. Travel along the local highway to Jingdezhen, an city famous for its long history of porcelain production. We will visit a porcelain market if time permits. Evening flight to Shanghai from Jindezhen after dinner. Transfer to hotel upon arrival.
Astor House Hotel Shanghai

Day 9 Return Home
Transfer to the airport and board your homebound flight. Arrive in North America on the same day.

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