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jlandon580 (15.10.2017 20:13)
This was a beautiful experience learning the symbolism of many concepts included in the memorials. It was very informative and very interesting to learn about the tradegy and instead focus on the sadness but respect the lives that have been lost. I throughly recommend John tour. Extraordinary Jane mason
Lorraine Casey (12.10.2017 03:52)
Our guide Daniel M was awesome. He was really informative, passionate and genuine and we would highly recommend him. Well worth the price. Lorraine and Barry and Julie and Chris from New Zealand
Kathleen Gatto (29.09.2017 07:36)
I was part of a group from Oregon that took the 9/11 Ground Zero Tour with Tauren. Although we all remembered the horror we felt as the morning unfolded..at 6ish we heard a small plane had hit the Tower..something similar had happened in Florida..at the end of my walk I quickly went to the television to get an update to see a second plane and the towers falling...where would it stop..

Now we had a first person experience before us. She had worked in the Tower; she was in the city when it happened; she had friends in the tower that day, and family visiting. These experiences had changed her life and she gave us a much larger picture of the day and the days that followed. It was truly a gift to us.

Thank you, Kathy
Marilyn Buck (23.09.2017 19:43)
The 9-11 tour was an extremely memorable experience. Tauren was a wonderful guide, answering all our questions and sharing her actual experiences living through the horrors of the 9-11 attack. I would sign on to her tour again.
I wish our tickets for Freedom Tower had allowed us more than 2 hours in the museum. But overall, Ground Zero Tours did a fantastic job
Patricia Mertz (08.09.2017 07:24)
On Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017, My husband and I spent the weekend in New York City for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a great time. I booked a tour for Ground Zero. We arrived a St. Paul's Chapel and was greeted by our Tour Guide, Ray Victor. I have to say it was the best thing we did. Ray gave a great tour and was very informative. He explained all the happened on that terrible day in depth. I can't say enough about Ray, he was incredible ,such a warm and personable guy, I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to take a tour. Thank you, Ray

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