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Bonnie Jamieson (04.11.2017 01:09)
Most fun experience. Great band, John Németh. But the Smoky Mountains Blues Society made the difference.
Erin Fannin (25.09.2017 02:28)
It was so much fun and relaxing. My friend and I did the lunch cruise and it was the ideal spot for picture taking. I can only imagine what it will be like when the leaves start to change.
Josh Jackson (07.07.2017 04:51)
Great experience! The prime rib, music, and staff were top notch. Great atmosphere and value. I highly recommend this cruise. Thank you to the great staff. We will be back.
Rachel Mears (06.07.2017 17:05)
I was on the cruise with my family and we really enjoyed it! We drove from Nashville for a long weekend and felt the staff really took care of us. We also enjoyed the deluxe dinner! If we could take the food home we would have! We will be back for sure! I still would suggest it even after reading the posts about what happen on the fourth! I understand it's a "boat", or also known as bring on another thousand! Can't judge for an unforeseen problem! Keep up the hard work guys!!
Cynthia Schwindt (03.07.2017 03:01)
Very awesome. Staff is excellent. Jackie is one of the best bar-tenders I have ever met. She cares and remembers me, I only see her once a year. Everyone involved on this cruise made all so fulfilling.

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