Ghana, A nature lover's delight


When nature’s allure is what drives you, there is one place on our otherwise gorgeous planet that can leave you absolutely dumb folded and heartfelt with its various styles of natural brilliance; the place is beyond doubt the growingly popular country of Western Africa.

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Ghana, with its warm equatorial climate and fertile land, makes it the perfect ground for breading thick green rainforests. One such spectacular area that hasgleaming abundance of such vibrantly attractive vegetation is known as the Kakum National Park in Extended on an area of more than 350 Km2, this place is an amalgamation ofNatural Reserve and National Park.

Apart from havingfortune of exceptionally high trees, some reachingheight of around 65 meters, the reserve comprises of the most exquisite collection of Africa’s wild life. Ranging fromlarge collection of gigantic mammals to more than some 400 species of butterflies and approximately 200 species of Birds, the Kakum Park by far remains the most popular site for eco-tourism in the entire country.

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