Indian Ocean holiday in 2011 or 2012

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The Indian Ocean offers visitors a tropical paradise, with the diverse islands of the region all sharing white palm-fringed beaches, turquoise crystal-clear waters and stunning natural beauty. The third largest Ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean is home to the Indian states of Goa and Kerala, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles – all exotic destinations which conjure up images of complete relaxation and idyllic tranquility. Today, all the islands of the Indian Ocean are remarkably accessible and have become established winter sun destinations for British travellers.

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Holidays in the Indian Ocean – Exceptional idyllic beaches and warm turquoise seas
The islands of the Indian Ocean are incredibly diverse, from the party-like vibrant atmosphere of North Goa, to the isolated and remote Maldives, each tiny island a resort in its’ own right. Attracting those in search of complete rest and relaxation, the Indian Ocean has some stunning picture-postcard beaches, with powdery white sands shaded by exotic palms and coconut trees, and the vivid turquoise waters of the region provide some of the best diving in the world. The coastline around Mauritius is surrounded by one of the largest unbroken coral reefs in the world, and is well-known as a top dive location, and the dazzling beaches of the Seychelles are perfect for all kinds of watersports. Sri Lanka offers pristine white sandy beaches, and a unique landscape full of verdant green mountains and Buddist temples, whilst the renowned shores of Goa, discovered back in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s by travelling hippies still retain a colourful free-and-easy atmosphere.

Indian Ocean Holidays – Fantastic diving and snorkelling

The exotic and idyllic islands of the Indian Ocean are a popular choice for couples and honeymooners, with the endless beaches perfect for leisurely romantic walks and secluded sunbathing. As well as relaxing on the tropical beaches, the islands of the Indian Ocean offer activities such as the aforementioned scuba-diving, snorkelling, water-skiing, wind-surfing and deep-sea fishing, as well as pursuits away from the water including golf, tennis, horse-riding, hiking and helicopter flights. With accommodation ranging from friendly basic guesthouses to luxury hotels full of incredible facilities and top-class service, the islands in the Indian Ocean can truly offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who visit.

Package Holidays from the UK operate to the Indian Ocean throughout our winter months (November to May) making these previously remote beaches now easily and cost effectively within reach.

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