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here’s so much to see and do in each region of Tunisia: a wide variety of landscapes, a coastline spanning 1,250km, studded with islands and archipelagos, a fantastic array of traditions and customs and a rich historical heritage. We are delighted to introduce you to these regions by breaking them down into three areas: the north, the centre and the south.

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mike (10.10.2017 12:10)
Attractions: The government owns and manages museums and historical sites that are key
attractions for tourists. Tunisia has one of the largest museums in the world and in Africa - Le
Bardo with a unique collection of mosaics. One of the sector's primary problems is the
quantitative and qualitative weakness of its leisure infrastructure - restaurants, cafes, bars,
nightclubs. Also, the sector lacks professional staff with expertise in running cultural and
entertainment events in tourist areas. In their efforts to diversify the Tunisian tourism offerings,
the government and private actors have started to invest in alternative attractions like spas,
hunting, fishing, diving, sailing, marina, and golf. Most of these efforts have fallen short, though
spas in Tunisia have enjoyed success.
mike (10.10.2017 12:10)
The National Tourism Council is a board of all government ministers led by the prime
minister, which meets on a bi-annual basis and provides recommendations to enhance
coordination between ministries in promoting and developing the tourism sector.
j (10.10.2017 12:09)
The National Tourism Office (ONTT) has the mission to implement the policy defined by
the government, is structured in 12 departments, 8 regional offices and 19 international offices,
with a total personnel of 1200 people. Its regional offices are in charge of the quality control of
the tourist infrastructure and the organization of local tourist events, fairs and festivals. The
international offices are responsible for the design and implementation of marketing and media
campaigns for the tourist sector.

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