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18-20 Fulham High Street, London
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+44 20 7384 9111

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Nicole Laure McWilliams (23.09.2017 12:03)
Environ facials are incredible and the staff here are lovely!
Mohammed Rahman (09.09.2016 19:26)
I was not quite sure what to expect as this was my first time visiting the spa and I was a bit nervous being a man!

I received a really warm welcome from the receptionist, was offered a drink and then had some time to relax in the very comfortable waiting area. I think she may have detected my nervousness and made me feel at ease!

My first treatment was a deep tissue massage and the therapist did a fantastic job of relieving the tightness in my back and legs. I felt 10 years younger afterwards! I then had my second appointment with the Consultant Pharmacist to treat a skin condition. He took a lot of time to understand my condition, talked me through the different treatment options available and answered all my questions. We agreed a treatment plan and I am delighted with the results of my first session.

I highly recommend the team at Amara. They are incredibly friendly and professional. I think I will be booking my wife in for a spa treatment as a birthday treat!
Maya Vaja (19.03.2016 20:56)
I have always had problematic skin and was recommended Amara Spa for Environ facials through someone I met on holiday (random I know!) I am always very impressed by the staff, their high level of product knowledge and work ethics. They don’t try and sell you products you don’t need! Definitely recommend them if you are looking for a quality experience :)
hanisha padhiar (18.03.2016 13:13)
I was recommended Amara spa for waxing and found them much better and much less painful than my regular place. I just go to Amara now all the time and have started having facials there. They really know how to make my skin look great.
Lucy Richardson (20.03.2015 18:49)
Brilliant place. But word of warning, they are popular! So book in advance and don't expect an appointment that day even though they will try to fit you in. Lovely staff and super clean, nice place. Can highly recommend - I have been going there since it opened about 9-10 years ago.

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