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Kate Johnson (10.08.2016 00:53)
Great place to go for hair extensions that are good value for money my hair looked and felt lush for over three months.
I would recommend micro link strands as I didn't like the weft option as I go to dance lessons a lot plus gym. Overall 5 stars !
Asmita Kanani (04.06.2016 23:34)
Lovely salon, lovely staff & perfect treatment .
Great job, had a nice experience at allure of beauty!
Natalia Lesz (13.01.2016 09:14)
Awful experience ending in a court judgment against Allure. I went to see Yasmin Guerin last June to have hair extensions fitted for my wedding. She assured me that the extensions would be of a high quality several times - this was something that was very important to me. The extensions fitted were extremely poor quality, but you couldn't tell initially as the hair had been coated in silicone which only came off after several washes. This was not the hair described by Yasmin during the consultation and fitting. I took the hair extensions out, complained and asked for a part refund given how much I had paid for only a few weeks of wear. She refused to part refund saying I should have complained within four weeks (though she never mentioned this at the time), then ignored me for several weeks despite me telling her several times I would have no choice but to go to court, resulting in me obtaining a county court judgment for the full amount she charged. I then requested she pay the court order, she ignored me for several weeks and ignored the courts letters, eventually getting in touch before Christmas to ask if she could part refund me after all and asked if I could remove all bad reviews online. I agreed to reduce the amount the court had granted on the basis she paid on a particular date in January, and she gave me her word that if I waited a few weeks she would definitely pay the reduced amount - I have everything documented in writing. That date has now passed and she has not paid anything at all. Absolutely horrible experience.
miriam parker (30.08.2015 20:55)
I came to Allure for hair extensions and they were nice for the first few weeks however, they then started to loosen very quickly which of course resulted in me spending more money on fixing them. i feel they were not applied very well and that perhaps the quality was not as described. In addition, Yasmin who deals in extensions here is very unprofessional, she has no clear appointments schedule leaving her salon similar to a free for all 'walk in whenever you like'. this also means that your hair takes a lot longer than planned as she gets very distracted and talks to everyone who enters the salon whether they're here for her or not. These extensions were the cheapest i've found although i quickly learnt that i got what i payed for, Next time i would definitely not mind paying the extra money if it meant i got better quality hair and a service that wasn't so unprofessional. DO NOT GO HERE FOR EXTENSIONS!- it is a waste of your money, efforts and time.
Trinity Blagg (12.07.2015 13:25)
I love my New Extensions by Allure- I went for 24 inches in a golden blonde, the hair feels soft to touch yet unlike other Russian hair extensions iv tried in London - Allure's extensions are also thick from root to tip - I went for the micro seam & I just love, love , love my new hair.

❤️ Allure hair extensions !

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