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raquel soares (07.11.2017 19:41)
amazing staff beckys curly blow drys are the best
V Trudell (23.09.2017 16:07)
I wish I could say my facial was great, but it wasn't at all. My technician was very nice and knowledgable, I will say that. But not only was it a below average facial, she didn't even steam my pores to get a deep clean! Which is what you're paying for no? Most importantly she was quite aggressive with my extractions. Three days later I'm left with loads of scabs on my cheek bones, much MUCH worse than I have ever experienced before. Normally it's a couple days with small pin pricks that heal easily. It actually looks like someone dug holes in my cheeks with a needle. My issue wasn't even that bad!
I emailed them and included a photo before writing this review and they insisted what happened is normal. End of story from them. It is not normal, you can't tell me 50 red scabs just on my right cheekbone is normal. I expect better from a place like this in an area like this. And for the record, she hasn't scarred me for life, my face will heal thankfully. And hopefully with less milia haha! The fact of the matter is what was done to me was not technically sound, it was irresponsible and unprofessional. I am grateful it wasn't worse. Now, off I go on my honeymoon :/
Joe Hicks (27.06.2017 09:53)
My experience at aenea with Louise was amazing! Went on for a back was before my holiday and she was very friendly, chatty and very professional! Would definitely recommend and will be going back again soon!
Emily Holder (13.06.2017 12:19)
I have had microdermabrasion and oxygen treatment with here with Teresa a few times and it is wonderful. I suffer with acne and this has reduced my scarring a lot, I have less spots and also plumps up the fine lines around my eyes. Teresa knows my skin and recommends the best treatment/products to use. Highly recommended.
Heidi Graham (01.05.2017 17:34)
My experience at Aenea was excellent. Booked a waxing appointment over the phone and they were very informative, and offered lots of advice to help choose the right treatment for me. My appointment went smoothly, and I felt very comfortable with the technician. She was efficient and professional, and very friendly. I was able to relax, despite being waxed! I have booked a second appointment, and would certainly recommend to friends.

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