Anytime Fitness Hither Green (Lewisham)

London, Unit B, Meridian South, Birdwood Avenue, Hither Green, Lewisham, London
5 rates
+44 20 3137 8531

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Pietras 89 (06.11.2017 21:37)
Nice and clean gym. Not a lot people at evening so you can easily do your training without waiting for everything ;)
Made4dis (25.10.2017 23:09)
Amazing staff, everyone is genuinely friendly. Great local 24hr gym with free parking!
Eglė Braslauskaitė (14.09.2017 21:53)
Small clean gym with good equipment. However often overcrowded (with people and equipment) which makes it feel overpriced (£45 a month). The reason I go there is because I live next to it. If I had to travel, I wouldn't be happy to pay this price. P.s. I would change the floor plan.
Ashley Clarke-Walkin (11.07.2017 17:13)
Free weights area is very busy with the rest quite quiet. Reallocation of resources?
Robin Mitra (04.03.2017 10:18)
Situated in a decent location, with plenty of private parking available. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's helpful that it's next to Tesco, in case you need something on you way back.

During peak times, however, it's quite difficult to find an excercise bench! So highly recommend going early or late in the day, especially during weekends.

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