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Miles Kingston (08.11.2017 17:18)
Awful customer servicer
Arnaud de Wasseige (13.09.2017 17:43)
my employer switched recently to Aegon Retireready. Horrible system. Always in maintenance. Not possible to trade shares. Consider clients as not important. Very frustrating.
Ahmet Djemal (15.05.2017 13:33)
Try logging on or registering it’s a mission impossible then they got the front to send you e-mail every week to ask you to give them feed back I think they should ask Standard life how its done.
Tim Esden (18.04.2017 12:32)
A more user friendly, up to date platform would be a massive plus. The system is "clunky" and not very easy to navigate. There is no ability to track the progress of your investments and how well they are performing. For example, day's gain (% & value) per investment, overall gain, overall gain per investment, etc. An app for smartphone / tablet is an absolute must in this day and age. The way you move funds from one asset to another is laborious. When looking to "maintain investment strategy" you have to reselect all investments rather than being able to just add or remove one or being able to alter the percentages of each investment. Having used Hargreaves Lansdown for some time, the AEGON ARC website is a very poor comparison. AEGON really needs to step up its game in this regard if I am to recommend AEGON. It's as if you are trying to deter people from wanting to manage their own portfolio.
TEDDY 2 (29.03.2017 14:59)
Worst company I have ever come across, won't let me access my pension due to them inputting my date of birth wrong. Now I have to jump through hoops to get it sorted out. I even have a different life policy with them which i can access with my correct date of birth ??? but apparently the two department cant communicate ? save yourself some hassle take your business elsewhere

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