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I am delighted to be able to bring you the most accurate and guaranteed weightloss programme i have found in my total of 19 years in the nutrition, health and wellbeing business.

after a huge amount of research we are able to bring you a quality weight loss programme that not only delivers unbelievable results but also boosts energy levels and mood so you are not left hungry empty and bad tempered!!

​this diet combines a calorie controlled high protein program with specific hormone therapy. this clever combination has proven to achieve permanent weight loss, a full organ cleanse and a greater degree of mental clarity. it works by supporting tbe elimination of toxic fats from our system.

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comment (15.10.2017 21:11)
I had a fantastic experience @ Flow...
Jo's professional, personal advice and the fast test results put me out of months of misery. My G.P had totally missed the fact that my tiredness was purely down to me being anaemic -( something Jo had suspected simply from going through the in-depth consultation form with me ) and the tests confirmed this !
The allergy tests also had established that I was also suffering from candidia which was also adding to the fact that i was tired and sluggish all the time and following Jo's advice, dietary recommendations and homepathic remedies I now have it under control.
I am so happy I went to "Flow" for a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing - I now have a diagnosis, a treatment plan and overall my quality of life back !! Thankyou
Comment (15.10.2017 21:10)
After supplying Jo with a hair follicle sample sent easily through the post she got back to me with a very detailed report which diagnosed that I had a strong wheat intolerance which was leaving me very sluggish each day. A realistic diet recommendation was established and I immediately felt the benefits from understanding the intolerance. I now have so much more energy!! Thanks!

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