Cineworld Cinema - London Chelsea

279 King's Road, London
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+44 871 200 2000

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Andy Howard (25.05.2017 11:54)
Really enjoyed watching a film here, can always catch a matinee sometimes when I've got a free afternoon in the area! Very supportive staff and great for nibbles if that's the kind of thing you like as well. Andy
Danny R (09.03.2017 02:02)
DID the trick but I can see why they are closing. Not the cleanest place or the best layout. Also no 3D or Imax
Fasih Rehman (15.02.2017 21:41)
One of the two local Cineworld Cinemas near me. So I go here quite often. Great screen, friendly staff and experience. The only problem is parking in the area, most of the nearby side streets are resident only, so if coming by car can be problematic.
Stephanie Waite (29.01.2017 11:49)
Lovely old cinema but good modern facilities. Apparently it might not be around much longer, according to an employee we chatted with, so get there while you can!
Christopher Bridgett (24.09.2016 11:52)
Impressed last night by ease of booking and use of mobile phone in place of tickets - but not impressed by the seat I sat on - really uncomfortable! Reviewing other comments, must be time to do something about this? Compares very unfavourably with e.g. Cinema Lumiere at French Institute!

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