49 Chalk Farm Road, London
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Natalia Neimane (07.11.2017 19:32)
The security refused to let in our friend for "being drunk" basically for not having good enough grasp of english to understand what security asked. While we tried to explain that he is not drunk and it's just the way he talks refused to listen and made fun of his pronounciation. Not very representative of open-mindedness that Camden is known for. Besides that venue is ok, music is fine. Tourists beware.
Tom Lafford (24.10.2017 02:20)
Great for live music, friendly staff, nice drinks in plastic cups (great for moshpit), only negative no free storage.
Catalin Hulea (18.10.2017 16:15)
It has nothing special (well, in fact, it has something special, it's quite noisy). I cannot say that I liked the place, but I can't say that I disliked it, either. If you are a tourist and you are looking for a memorable experience, just skip this pub. If you are thirsty and you don't care about the ambiance the place is more than OK.
Paul Gurney (16.10.2017 22:03)
Here for the Dear Reader concert and decided to try their grub before the show!
Well, even if the show sucked (which is impossible as Dear Reader is Brilliant) this would’ve been a brilliant evening as the Burger and Fries were one of the finest I’ve eaten in a LONG time!!!
Succulent medium-rare chargrilled gorgeousness sandwiched by loads of fresh fillings!
The fries which looked very plain & simple were spectacular and the surprise of the meal.
Will definitely return for the food 👍🏼
Karshan Moodley (10.10.2017 20:26)
Charming little bar, pleasant staff and laid-back environment. Good amount of seating and generally quite chilled out. Good for a few drinks.

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