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Cassius Colaco (07.11.2017 17:10)
By far the best Indian restaurant in the CITY of london ....
an amazing blend of Indian fusion from all across India....
Best for groups,individuals,parties
Jose Joseph (31.10.2017 14:46)
Great place to visit with colleagues, friendly staff & great food with enough choice of drinks.
Ananas (26.10.2017 02:15)
Don't go there if you want real Indian food. The Naan was lowering the bar and the Paneer was big on onions but not on actual Paneer. Only good point was the fast service, but I would expect that from a place that has fewer than 6 customers at 8.30pm
David McClune (26.09.2017 23:19)
As always, great food. We went for a late lunch mid week so all the business types were back at work meaning it was empty with little atmosphere. However, good attentive not too pushy service in these circumstances is always appreciated. Never had a bad experience at Bangalore Express. Will keep coming back.
Hubert Nogueiro (10.07.2017 17:51)
The restaurant is a bit hard to find. As I stepped inside greeted by a waitress straight away who led us to a table downstairs. The table that I sat on was good in terms of it being clean, but I would say that it's a bit too dark downstairs, especially with no windows. The food came at a fast pace, and it tasted good. The staff were friendly and helpful. But I have to say that the food is a tiny bit overpriced. Other than that it's a must go to restaurant for Indian cuisine.

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