English National Recipes

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Scrambled egg with prawns
Stir-fry prawns with spinach
Wellington - fillet with mushrooms in pastry
Chicken rings pastry
Lamb chops with mild potatoes
Tomato/chicken  soup
Vegetable soup with milk
Crab and mushroom soup
Potato and green bean salad
Lamb with garlic and oregano
Creamy Prawns soup
Broccoli salad with bacon
Sweet paprika salad
Soup - puree with green peas
Rice soup with Mussels
Brave Bull
Blue Angel
Alexander Short Drink
Brandy EggNog Long Drink
Buck's Fizz Long Drink
GodFather Short Drink
GodMother Short Drink
John Collins Long Drink
Biscuits with candied fruit
Oat biscuits with raisins
Big Ben Short Drink
True Lies Long Drink
Prince Charles Long Drink
After Dinner Short Drink
Capri Short Drink
Royal Vanilla Short Drink
Tea Breeze Long Drink
Tropical Orchid Long Drink
Yellow Devil Long Drink
You and Me Long Drink
A&B Short Drink
B & B Short Drink
Brandy Fizz Long Drink
Brandy Collins Long Drink
Brandy Flip Short Drink
Cognacs Orange Short Drink
Dirty Mother Short Drink
Georgia Mint Julep Short Drink
Southern Style Mint Julep Short Drink
Ruin Julep Short Drink
Champagne Julep Short Drink
Red Embassy Short Drink
Ritz Short Drink
Old James Long Drink
Salted shortcrust pastry