Glasgow International Airport (GLA)

Information about airport - Glasgow International Airport, United Kingdom

Description Value
(International Air Transport Association airport code)
Type Large airport
Local airport code -
GPS airport code EGPF
Longitude 55.8718986511
Latitude -4.43306016922

Cities near Glasgow International Airport, United Kingdom

City, country Distance (km)
Glasgow 11.21 km
Edinburgh 77.64 km

Pictures near Glasgow International Airport, United Kingdom

at Panoramio
Living on the Edge,  Willie S. Competing Power. Reflections on a Redundant Milldam. Same Every Year! A Fall of Snow ! Traffic Halts :( That,s Argenna Tell the girls to put their Funny Hats on.
When They got There the Trolley was Bare Golfing over Glasgow. Time for Lights On. Wa der meddle wi Me? Over THERE,There Be Wandering 3 EYED People
Overtoun House harbor crane in Clydebank Sunrise Gas is Running Low. HMS 'Ramillies'
Winter Blues, Bishopton, Renfrewshire. River Clyde and the Kilpatrick Hills Going on Vacation Unneeded Railway Bridges. The former India Tyre factory, Inchinnan

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