Russian National Recipes

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Russian soup - Borsch with pork
Pork chops in batter with mayo
Pork chops in batter with potato
Seafood sticks cutlets
Pork with mushrooms and cheese
Lamb cutlets with parsley
Baked lamb with rice in mint
Roll beef with paprika
Beef roll with prunes
Chicken legs in cream sauce
Beef with Pumpkin
Russian Vinegret
Chicken chop with cheese and mushrooms
Roasted lamb with honey and mustard
Lamb chops with cheese
Tomato cucumber salad
Faberge eggs
Salad of pears and raspberries
Tornado Cocktail
Mushrooms stuffed with basmati rice
Sour Cream sauce
Bloody Brain
Bread from oatmeal with herbs
Tricolor bread
Pumpkin Bread
Red bread with paprika
Cottage cheese and lemon biscuit
Honey biscuits
Almond biscuit with rice flour
Pumpkin in shortbread dough
Franco - Russian Long Drink
Russian Roulette Shot Drink
Russian flag Short Drink
Natasha Short Drink
Moscow Short Drink
Millionaire Short Drink
Lena Short Drink
Red Square Short Drink
Ivan Short Drink
GUM Short Drink
Volga Vodka Short Drink
Big Short Drink
Kamikadze Short Drink
Iceberg Short Drink
Absinthe Special Short Drink
Cointreau Cosmotonic Long Drink
Cointreau Tonic Long Drink
Flambe Short Drink
KGB Short Drink
Milk Shake for Adults Long Drink
Orient Express Long Drink
Tea brizz Lemon Long Drink
Armagnac - Cocktail Short Drink
Gold Coconut Short Drink
Ram Cooler Long Drink
Rum Fizz Long Drink
Rum Orange Long Drink
Yellow Bird Long Drink
Zombie Long Drink
Patty with ham & cheese
Fishy bell pepper pie
Sweet dough with vodka
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