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at Panoramio
Pohnpei International Airport
Kolonia Pohnpei
Iglesia Kolonia Pohnpei
Palikir, Capital Buildings
College of Micronesia, National Campus, Palikir
"Cupid's Bar and Grille"
Sokehs Rock
Don't be a fool...
Abandoned Ships
Right turn to the Capital
Sokehs Rock
Micronesia,From the mountain,Pohnpei
Chinese Junk Boats - Pohnpei
Sekere School, the street between Kolonia and Palikir
Main Road in Kitti
Main Road in Kitti, close to the 'border' to Madolenihmw
Main Road in Madolenihmw
Main Road in Kitti
Fishing boats, Pohnpei, Micronesia
Sokehs Rock at Sunset
Along the road in Dien
Sunset in Nett
Sokehs Rock, seen from Parempei
Main road in Kitti
D's & A's--Sakau Market
Towards Nett Point
Nett's Point
Catholic Wone Meetinghouse
Acropora walindii. Micronesia. Branch detail. Photograph: Pat Colin.
Acropora walindii. Micronesia. Flattened branches in deep water. Photograph: Pat Colin.
Nett U border area from water
Sawarlap waterfall, Kitti
Liduhduhniap waterfall, Nett
LDS Palikir Chapel
Nihco marine park
Rope "bridge" across river, Palikir
Hills at Pohnpei Int'l airport
Sokehs Rock, Pohnpei, FSM
Sokeh's Rock - Pohnpei, Micronesia
Satellite Dish, FSM Telecom
Kolonia Bay
Puswan Malik
Old German Church
View down from Sokehs Ridge to Kolonia Harbor
Japanese WWII Gun
Sekere (between Kolonia and Palikir)

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