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Cassandra Fuller (26.10.2017 06:17)
I'm an SGU student, so it's nice to have a sushi place right on the bus line and fairly close to school. When I visited, the place was clean and the staff was friendly. They made sure I had what I needed, but didn't hover needlessly. Compared to some other sushi places in Grenada, the price was reasonable. You can get a quick sushi fix and stay on a budget, or you can, of course, go all out. The fish I've had from there, all tasted very fresh. I sort of expect it for the local fish, but even the salmon was on point (I'm assuming salmon isn't local!?) Nothing too fancy about this place, but the outdoor seating is very cute. Definitely worth a try.
Raquel Tillock Edwards (23.09.2017 20:27)
Truly amazing sushi and the friendliest staff and chefs. Personal favourite dish is the crispy conch roll.
James Morgan (09.08.2017 06:58)
4 stars in the context of where it is (maybe 3 in a WW context). Actually pretty amazing - great rice and nori, some oddities but then we're a long way from Kansas/Nihon. All in all, enough of a Japanese feeling so it feels like home.
Alex Franchilli (12.06.2017 05:56)
Good sushi. Not a great location, but worth it. Friend ice cream was a great dessert.
Alistair Wong (29.05.2017 02:07)
Great sushi and excellent service. Lots of great local fish options

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