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Paula Clarke (09.02.2017 17:26)
When I first met Katherine I had been quietly putting up with chronic back pain for about two years. I think I'm very healthy and this was more an annoying inconveniance than anything else. I would just try to shake it off. When it started to affect my mobility I knew I had to do something. Katherine was very patient and listened carefully. I knew she understood I hoped to get relief from the pain with out medication and complicated medical interventions. I was beginning to dispare I would ever get out from under the pain but when I finally saw Katherine I could not believe the relief immediately, both physically and emotionally. Not only that but being in her studio was a lovely experience. It felt amazing. I loved it and felt like a new person. When we were done Katherine gave me suggestions and tips for maintaining my condition. I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about seeing Katherine that you'll love the experience and feel like a million bucks. Don't hesitate! Paula Clarke
Jess J (22.01.2017 21:12)
Before finding Goodness Thai Massage, I was hesitant to seek outside help for my rehabilitation needs. I would work 8-12 hours on my feet and thought my aches and pains were just a part of life I would have to cope with somehow.

Through our work together I have found a calmness, energy, and relief unrivaled by any other self-care tactic I’ve tried. Now I can put in a hard day’s work knowing I will still have the mobility and be pain-free the next day with the help of my weekly sessions.

I would recommend Goodness Thai Yoga Massage to anyone looking to have a fresh start with their body, whatever your specific needs may be. With Katherine’s unique, thoughtful, and experienced help, I have gone from thinking pain was a side effect of living to adding years to my body’s wellbeing.

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