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Sundarban is a UNSCO heritage site - Largest mangrove forest - Sundarbans (home of Royal Bengal Tiger & Dotted Deer).

Places of Attraction:

1. Kochikhali : (Willife sanctuary)

2. Katka : (Jungle trekking area with watch tower with jamtali beach)

3. Dublar Char : (Sandy Island-fish catching and fish processing village)

4. Karamjal : (Crocodile sanctuary)

Nearest Places:
5. Shatgombuj Mosque : (Sixty dome mosque-World heritage site)

6. Shrine of Khan Jahan Ali : (Warrior-saint and founder of Sixty Dome Mosque)

Special Tour Packages:

*** For Sunderbans tour foreign citizens have to add aditional cost $50 more with the regular price.

1. Stunning Sunderbans Tiger Tour (route-1):
Package ASB10: Dhaka-Khulna-Shundarban(Kotka-Kochikhali-Karamjal) -Dhaka [ 04 nights- 03 days]
Package Season: Any time round the year, specially October - February in winter season.
Package Cost (basis of 15 pax): Budget @ USD 250. 00; Standard @ USD 360. 00; Business Class @ USD 530. 00

2. Sunderbans Forest Tour with Archeological Touch:
Package ASB11: Dhaka-Khulna-Shundarban(Kotka-Kochikhali-Karamjal)-Bagerhat -Dhaka [ 05 nights- 04 days]
Package Season: Any time round the year, specially October - February in winter season.
Package Cost (basis of 15 pax): Budget @ USD 310. 00; Standard @ USD 440. 00; Business Class @ USD 600. 00

3. Sunderbans Forest Tour (route-2):
Package ASB12: Dhaka-Shatkhira-Shundarban(Kotka-Kochikhali-Karamjal)-Dhaka [ 04 nights- 03 days]
Package Season: Any time round the year, specially October - February in winter season.
Package Cost (basis of 15 pax): Budget @ USD 210. 00; Standard @ USD 320. 00; Business Class @ USD 500. 00

4. Sunderbans Forest and Golf Course Tour:
Package ASB13: Dhaka-Shatkhira-Shundarban(Kotka-Kochikhali-Karamjal)-Aurinima Resort (Jessore) -Dhaka [ 05 nights- 04 days]
Package Season: Any time round the year, specially October - February in winter season.
Package Cost (basis of 15 pax): Budget @ USD 360. 00; Standard @ USD 490. 00; Business Class @ USD 680. 00

Shundarbans (Summary):

Wildlife photography and sightseeing includes the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, herds of deer, crocodile resting, dolphins swimming, bird watching, wildlife viewing, boating inside the forest shall call recordings, nature study, meeting fishermen, wood-cutters and honey-collectors, peace and tranquility in the wilderness, seeing the world's largest mangrove forest and the revering beauty.

Suggested Itinerary:

Itinerary for Package RBT10: Dhaka-Khulna-Shundarban(Kotka-Kochikhali-Karamjal) -Dhaka [ 04 nights- 03 days]

(Itinerary): ***Places of attraction: Kotka, Kochikhali, Karamjal.

Your Sunderban Tour starts with departure from Dhaka in the evening at 2230 hrs by AC Chair Coach for Khulna. Through the night journey the group shall reach Mongla where a tourist boat is anchored.

Day-1/ Night-2:
Early in the morning after reaching Mongla our guide shall welcome the group and then get on board of the boat waiting there. Then the boat shall start cruising towards the Sundarbans Forest. Guests first breakfast on boat shall bestow a different taste. The group shall arrive in the first visiting point Kotka around 1400hrs and then lunch shall be served in the boat. In the late afternoon with supervision of the guide, hiking in the Kotka forest area to see wild life and forest beauty which may include deer, monkey, monitor lizard, kingfisher and number of birds. After katka jungle trekking the group back to the boat in the evening.
After having Dinner on the boat, enjoy the night time beauty of the river and forest. Overnight staying at Kotka on the boat.

Day-2/ Night-3:
Early in the morning after breakfast group shall start surveying through the small creeks and canals by country boat to see the wildlife and beauty of the forest from very close point of view. Then group shall be offered jungle trekking. At around 1200hrs get back to boat and take lunch. Then the boat shall start cruising towards Kochikhali wildlife sanctuary. Upon arrival we shall take a Jungle walk near Kochikhali forest office.

In the evening our special Bar – B – Q dinner on boat shall be served. Overnight stay on the boat at Kochikhali.

Day-3/ Night-4:
Early in the morning after having breakfast we shall start for Karamjal breeding center. Crocodile and deer are artificially breeding and rearing there in natural atmosphere. Here in the crocodile firm guests shall get a marvelous chance to touch baby crocodiles. Then get back to boat around 1200hrs and leave Karamjal for Mongla. After relentless journey boat shall arrive in Khulna in the evening.

After having dinner leave boat for the coach to Dhaka. The night long journey shall bring the group to Dhaka in the morning. Arriving Dhaka the tour ends.


Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka AC bus ticket.
Cruise inside the Forest.
Accommodation on cruise (twin sharing basis)
All meals from day-1 to Night-4 mentioned in the itinerary.
All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
Small country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks.
Mineral water for drinking during the trip.
BAR-B-Q dinner for 1 night.
Forest fees, permission & armed forest guard from the forest department
An accompanied Guide during the trip.


Drinks both alcoholic and soft.
Items of personal nature and items not mentioned above.
Fees for the video & still camera of the guests.
All personal shopping and buying.

Food Menu:


Toast, Butter, Egg-omelet/fry, Jam, tea & coffee, seasonal fruit.
Chapati, omelet, mixed vegetable, tea & coffee, fresh fruit.


Plain rice, mixed vegetable, thick dal (lintels), fish fry, salad, tea & coffee, desert.
Plain polau, fried vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, dessert
Khichuri, potato chop, fried vegetable, mutton curry, salad, tea & coffee, desert.


Plain rice, vegetable chop, thick dal, fish or chicken curry, mixed vegetable, salad, tea & coffee, dessert
Fried rice, French fry, boiled vegetable, chicken curry, salad, tea & coffee, desert
Noodle & fried rice, mixed vegetable, Bar-B-Q chicken & fish, salad, tea & coffee, desert.

Means of transport:

A. C. /Non A. C. chair coach.
A. C. / Non A. C. Hiace.
Tourist boat.
Country boat.

Accommodation standard:

Sunderban tourist boat: Premium room (Twin share & double bed), Standard room (Twin share & double bed)

Fees for Commercial Photography:

1. Movie :Tk. 5, 000. 00 per role exposed
2. Video :Tk. 4, 000. 00 per Cassette
3. Still picture :Tk. 1, 000. 00 per role exposed

Travel tips:

It is advised that cholera vaccines are taken well in advance.
Tourists are also advised to carry supplies of anti-malarial and anti-diarrheas medicines,
Insect repellent cream,
Drinking water, green coconut,
Medical kit,
Light tropical dress and thick rubber soled boots.
Avoid disturbing wildlife.
Avoid littering and place garbage in selected bins.
Always stay close with the Guide and team.

Sunderbans: (Marvelous Mangrove Forest and Home of Bengal Tiger):

Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest of the world proudly standing at the South-Western delta of Bangladesh, is home to a legendary collection of wild creatures, gipsy fishermen, brave honey-collectors, dangerous yet appealing greens and a mesmerizing mingle of rivers and the Ferocious & Mighty Bengal Tiger. A trip to this land is a trip to breath-taking adventure and awe-inspiring witness to the mystic nature.
The Bangla word ‘ban’ means forest, and the name Sundarban was coined either from the forests of Sundari tree ie Sundari-ban, or from the forests of the samudra (sea) ie, Samudra-ban, or from its association with the primitive tribe Chandra-bandhe which was corrupted into Sundarban. The generally accepted explanation, however, is its derivation from the Sundari tree, the most common tree in these forests.
It’s the ideal site for adventure, leisure, travel and research activities. It propose visitors a chance to spot the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, experience boating inside the forest, conduct nature studies, Reunion with local fisherman, as well as seeing wood-cutters and honey-collectors. The local cultural event like ‘Rush Mela’ is also magnetism for the lifestyle visitors. There is also a crocodile breeding center there which is also open for wildlife visitors. You shall see herds of spotted deer passing nearby while trekking in the forest. If you are lucky enough then you shall see the terror of the forest, Royal Bengal Tiger or it’s footprints in the river banks where it came a while ago to fulfill its’ thirst. A few days staying in the world’s largest mangrove forest shall give you a thrilling, exhilarating and invigorating sensation form where you may not want to come back to your modernized life.
The Sundarbans are the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world, stretching 80 km into the Bangladeshi hinterland from the coast. The forests aren't just mangrove swamps though; they include some of the last remaining stands of the mighty jungles which once covered the Gangetic plain. The forest covers 6, 000 square kilometres of Bangladeshi land bounded within Bagerhat, Khulna and Sathkira districts in the North, Bay of Bengal in the South; Baleswar (or Haringhata) river, Perojpur, Barisal district in the East, and Raimangal and Hariabhanga in the West, sharing boundaries with the West Bengal. The forest lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal formed by the super confluence of the Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers. It became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997.

® Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a boat sailing through a serpentine river, with deep, mysterious forest on the both sides, no matter how hard you try to see in front or behind your boat, there's just the infinitely flowing river;
®imagine waking up to the chirping wild birds in the morning and sleeping to the wild symphony of the roaring unknown animals; imagine being seduced by the fleeing herd of beautiful deer or thrilled by the foot prints of a Royal Bengal Tiger;
®imagine being surprised by bumping into a village full of friendly fishermen in the extreme depths of the forest and then loosing yourself into the ferocious waves of the Bay of Bengal; if you have been successful in imagining all of it then welcome to the Sundarbans – a promising candidate to be the greatest natural wonder of the world, the natural habitat of the rare and majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and a land of many more amazing facts that are about to be revealed.

Come and catch the wild air of Sunderbans to originate the child of nature

that lies silently beneath you.

Treasures of Sunderbans:

Wildlife & water life:
Fauna The Sundarbans hosts a large variety of animals. It is the last stronghold of the bengal tiger (Panthera tigris). Within the forest habitats there are about 50 species of mammals, about 320 species of inland and migratory birds, about 50 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, and about 400 species of fish.

Besides the spectacular Royal Bengal Tiger, the other notable mammalian fauna are Spotted deer (Cervus axis), Barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak), Rhesus monkey, (Macaca mulatta), Jungle cat (Felis chaus), Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), the Indian porcupine (Hystrix indica), Otter (Lutra perspicillata), and wild boar (Sus scrofa), numerous types insects, jackal, hedgehogs, gangetic dolphin, saltwater crocodiles, monitor lizard, king cobra and many more.

The forest has 330 types of plant, 35 types of reptiles, 400 types of fin fishes, 270 types of birds and 42 types of mammals.

Climate and seasons:

October to February — winter, cool and temperate
March to May — summer, hot and humid
June to September — the monsoon season, wet and windy

Tidal Watercourse: The watercourse of Sunderban are full of a large number of tidalflows, which are indispensable for plotiing a route through the opaque forest and these are underlying in the drainage system of the forest.

Seashore: There is an untouched, natural & totally embryonic sandy beach available in Sunderbans which is known as Jamtola beach facing the vast sea, the Bay of Bengal.

Rivers and waterways : In Sunderban there are about 177 rivers and canals where live about hundred types of aquatic beings, some rivers are Baleswar, Sela, Passur, Shibsha, Malancha, Raimongal & Kobadak which are combindly holding the ecological balance over there. The rivers are very suitable for cruising and boating.

Archaeology and religious conviction: There are several atypical spots situated in the forests and representing the oldest communities in this constituency. The most eminent of them are Bon Bibi temples that are known as the protectors of the forest. Beside this Shibsha temple is conveying the historical and archeological glory Sunderban once had.

Trees & flora: The popular mangrove trees of Sunderban are Sundari, Passur , Dhundul, Kakra, Kholshi, Gewa, Kewra , Amur, Garjan, Goran, Hental, Nypa Palm, Bola, Tiger fern, Horgoza etc.

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