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country code: RO
continent: Europe
capital: Bucharest
languages: Romanian

EU membership: yes
NATO membership: yes

GSM: 900/1800
GPS: 46 00 N, 25 00 E
electricity: 230V/50Hz

Romanian Leu: RON
1RON = 0.2856 USD
1RON = 0.21840 EUR

phone code: +40-21
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6th District, Romania, Bucharest 
More info about UnzipRomania Travel
Travel & Tourism Agency offering coach or tailor-made tours in Romania. Historical and medieval tours: fascinating cities, fortresses and castles. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve being one of the most amazing places to visit.
15, Petofi Sandor Str., Bucharest 
+40-21 223 2040 
More info about VISIT ROMANIA
VISIT Romania is always focused on its customers by continuously understanding their needs and preferences, and acts upon them in a timely professional and cost saving manner. This is how we customized our services based on YOUR needs.
+40-21 367 03 06 
More info about CLASSY ROMANIA Incoming Tour Operator
Classy Romania is interested in building up realiable and long-term partnernerships with Travel Agencies which are searching for the best solutions for their clients.
Let us offer you an unforgettable holiday and keep you coming back for more!
Romania, Bucharest, Papazoglu Dumitru St. No. 60, Sector 3, 031204 
(+40) 31 101 30 31 
More info about World synergy travel
World Synergy Travel is specialized in incoming tourism in Romania, Bulgaria and in the Republic of Moldavia and markets a complete range of touristic offers from individual travel arrangements to group travel, incentives and conventions.
Str George Bizet nr 3A, Bucharest 
More info about Euforia Travel
We offer complete travel services for Romania and Europe: cultural and specialized tours, Transylvania adventures, incentive, event management, hotel reservation, business travel.
More info about Hoteluri Bucuresti
Online reservations for all hotels in Bucharest
8 main motor road congo cross 
More info about bomboley  trading company
Str.Mihai Bravu 317, Bl.Sa Sc.B Ap.55 Sect.3 Cod 30311, Bucuresti 
+40 3443721; +40 3446658 
More info about 3 Mt Tours
Str.Stirbei Voda Nr.78 Ap.1 Sector 1 010117, Bucuresti 
+40 3158934; +40 3102738; +40 3102739 
More info about 4 U Travel Company
Bd.Nicolae Balcescu Nr.35A, Sector 1, Cod 010045, Bucuresti 
+40 0213120630 
More info about Abc Trading
Bd. I.C.Bratianu nr.35 et.1 ap.3, Sector 3, Cod 030173, Bucuresti 
+40 0213156362 
More info about Ab Group
Str.Episcopiei Nr.5 Ap.2 Sector 1 Cod 010292, Bucuresti 
+40 3141980 
More info about Accent Travel & Events
Str.Ion Brezoianu nr.11, Sector 5, Cod 050022, Bucuresti 
+40 0213100460 
More info about Accent Travel & Events - filiala
Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara nr.35 sc.A ap.6 sector 1 cod 011733 
+40 2305697 
More info about Activ Turism
Bd.Timisoara nr.51 bl.F7 sc.D ap.58 sector 6 
+40-21 44.00.741. 
Calea Victoriei Nr.12 Sector 3 Cod 030026, Bucuresti 
+40 3102034; +40 3102035; +40 3302266 
More info about Adcomar
Bd.Carol I Nr.76 Bl.76 Sc.1 Ap.1 Sect.2 020926, Bucuresti 
+40 3127616 
More info about Adria Travel
Bd.Dacia nr.22, Sector 1, Cod 010412, Bucuresti 
+40 0213102503 
More info about Aeolus
Calea Victoriei Nr.142-148 Sector 1 Cod 010095, Bucuresti 
+40 3109080 
More info about Aer Scorpio Travel
Str.Poterasi Nr.20-22 Sc.A Ap.3 Sector 4 040266, Bucuresti 
+40 0213306770 
More info about Ager Travel

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Romania, Bucharest

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